Montana Aurora Detector Network


Operated by the Optical Remote Sensor Laboratory, Dr. Joseph Shaw,
Montana State University, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

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Live Aurora Status

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Current Aurora Status Help

This page displays the current status of the network represented by the icons on the map. Each of these icons can be clicked to display more information about the current status.

College Icons

The numbers in the icons for each college represent the current brightness level of the aurora at that location. For more information about these brightness levels, use the "About Our Detectors" link in the navigation bar on the left side of the page.

Map Display Settings

Shows full college names
This button toggles the length of the colleges' names between full and abbreviated. By default the full names are displayed.
Shows the auroral oval
This button toggles the display of the auroral oval. This is enabled by default. Please note that even when this is displayed, it may not be visible from your current map view. For more information about the auroral oval, use the link in the navigation bar.

Map View Shortcuts

This button adjusts the map so that the entire Montana Aurora Detector Network is in view.

When the auroral oval is displayed this button adjusts the map so that the northern auroral oval is in view.

The buttons in this dialog are for demonstration only. The states of these buttons will not effect the content on the map.

Information About Our Detectors

Information About The Auroral Oval

Linking To Our Site